64 Crochet Cut-outs

Just some pretty/ gorgeous pictures from my recent buy, Love & Bravery's Renessa Crochet Dress, to tide you by while I ready myself for the next 9 days of exams.
(Review here)

Because lately I've been waking up alone

63 This is How You Keep Her

This is how you lose her. 
You lose her when you forget to remember the little things that mean the world to her: the sincerity in a stranger’s voice during a trip to the grocery, the delight of finding something lost or forgotten like a sticker from when she was five, the selflessness of a child giving a part of his meal to another, the scent of new books in the store, the surprise short but honest notes she tucks in her journal and others you could only see if you look closely.

You must remember when she forgets. 

You lose her when you don’t notice that she notices everything about you: your use of the proper punctuation that tells her continuation rather than finality, your silence when you’re about to ask a question but you think anything you’re about to say to her would be silly, your mindless humming when it is too quiet, your handwriting when you sign your name in blank sheets of paper, your muted laughter when you are trying to be polite, and more and more of what you are, which you don’t even know about yourself, because she pays attention.

She remembers when you forget. 

You lose her for every second you make her feel less and less of the beauty that she is. When you make her feel that she is replaceable. She wants to feel cherished. When you make her feel that you are fleeting. She wants you to stay. When you make her feel inadequate. She wants to know that she is enough and she does not need to change for you, nor for anyone else because she is she and she is beautiful, kind and good.

You must learn her. 

You must know the reason why she is silent. You must trace her weakest spots. You must write to her. You must remind her that you are there. You must know how long it takes for her to give up. You must be there to hold her when she is about to.

You must love her because many have tried and failed. And she wants to know that she is worthy to be loved, that she is worthy to be kept.

And, this is how you keep her.

A rather lyrical piece; in addition, here're some songs that I enjoyed listening to on the radio this week!
Please do not read too much into my emotional well being, I just really enjoy these songs haha :)

62 Bunheads

Despite being a ballet dancer myself, I have been thus far unable to create a "ballerina bun" for non-ballet-days without the help of a hair net and several bobby pins. After taking the advice of blogger Sherlyn (who nicely emailed me recommendations after I asked her!), I invested in a hair donut and am rather pleased with the results!
Hair donut, H&M, $3.90
My dad's reaction: "Is that all real hair?!"

61 A piece of advice to secondary school juniors

I was talking to one of my juniors and she reminded me of some advice I have always wanted to give:


  1. NYAA
  2. PW
Yup okay just wanted to get this (slightly OOC) (because I sound so harangued) out of the way.

I never heeded my seniors' advice either but yes I almost died chionging things at the last minute, particularly for PW. Although I guess you really need your teammates' help in that department.

60 Prepster Basics

A new set! Preppy is basically one of my go-to looks-- or primary inspirations, I should say, since a pear/hourglass shape doesn't always allow you to get away with what is primarily a look for tall, skinny people! (Or so I keep saying.) I really love Mandy Moore's look above, though. A major part of its cool factor is the sweater, because it's just oversized enough, yet cropped at sleeves and length-wise so the overall effect is a refreshing juxtaposition. 

Things I think all prepsters need to own:
  • Oversized sweaters: not overly big though!
  • Breton tops
  • Medium-wash jeans
  • Sneakers in a dark colour
  • Tan-coloured extras: loafers, belt, satchel
  • Little trinkets
  • Tortoiseshell sunglasses

As you can see, my style obviously overlaps with the classical, so don't mind me. On the other hand, I found a really cool site with fashion tips on personal style, flattering your figure, and so on: The Chic Fashionista. Go go go!

59 Throwback Friday

Throwback / Video Killed The Radio Star

Throwback / Video Killed The Radio Star by adaydreamer featuring floor length skirts

I was just "going to check my Polyvore notifications" before studying when I got tempted to make a set based on the song I was listening to. No prizes for guessing what song it was!

Second week of the holidays are almost over and the only subject I've studied (abysmally) is KI. Now attempting to guilt trip myself by placing all my Econs notes in a terrifying pile next to the laptop. Not- working.

57 Punch-Drunk

56 Interlude: Shopping!

Okay, so ironically, the day after I was preaching minimalism and control, I went on a shopping spree. But let me emphasize that this was an unintentional one and one that was maybe okay 85% justified... and I am thoroughly happy nonetheless!
  1. Denim jacket
    I found one!! If you recall previous updates on the blog, I've been hankering after one since my previous block tests in March, and I even did a whole post dedicated to my hunt for the perfect one! Man, the last time I felt this amount of dedication was for the Mulberry Alexa satchel, which ended rather beautifully (but more on that later).

    It seems that providence was really in my favour this afternoon, because after a scholarship talk in the morning, I was headed to Kinokuniya to buy a book for school... and my bag zip broke. So I headed towards Somerset for a replacement after getting my book, but decided to make a detour to *Scape, which often has flea markets with wonderful things over the weekends.

    Just when I was feeling all terrible and sweaty and like I wouldn't find anything I liked... I chanced upon a store run by two Cantonese-speaking aunties who looked like terribly good friends, with a rack of many many many denim jackets. I found mine second from the front and it was love at first sight (I am so cliched) (I should really stop) and guess what- it was $15!!

    I think I would've bought it right away then but anyway my rational brain told me to try it on and after that my $15 was just theirs. It's a lovely soft light wash cropped piece with silver buttons. It's a little tight-fitting but that's cool because it just fits the cropped feel, and it's not so uncomfortably small that I can't stretch my arms.
  2. More beige in real life!
  3. Nude tote bag

    So this was meant to be a replacement of both the one that broke, and my Alexa bag, which has begun to peel very very badly after many happy years together (sniff). It's a mix of the Prada Saffiano and LV Alma in terms of shape and material, but was obviously meant to be a Prada rip-off due to the tell-tale triangle logo in the centre. Luckily, they didn't try to fake the actual wording or put any tacky logos anywhere else, so the bag is wonderfully serene and chic. It cost me a bomb but I'm telling myself it truly is an investment, because I can see it as the perfect formal piece to tie together smarter outfits for important events in the future.

    One thing I was rather annoyed about though is the price discrepancy. It retailed for $42, but in return for liking the brand's FB page on the spot, I got 10% off and bought it for $37.80, which in my opinion was worth it for a good quality bag but still pricey. Imagine my horror when I came home and realized the bag cost $35.24 online with reg mail! If I hadn't gotten the 10% off that would've been $7 cheated, in my opinion. Cheated because I don't think it costs $7 to check it in person; I would've thought the price discrepancy between online shops and their brick and mortar counterparts from the same brand would've been to cover the costs of mail and, to a certain extent, rent/ salaries, and rarely cross such exorbitant limits. Then again, perhaps I have always underestimated the difference between KissJane and online pricing.

    I'm telling myself that if I thought it worthy to pay $37.80 then I shouldn't grouch about the $2+ lost, since the gorgeous bag is in my hands now and I'm more than happy with it.