25 Fridays at Kinokuniya

Now that my Fridays end earlier than any other day, I foresee myself looking forward to them more than ever. And today, after a tiring first week back and a rather failed Math test, I was super happy to trudge to the welcoming arms of Kinokuniya after school with a friend.

I love the Kinokuniya Ngee Ann City branch. I've been going ever since I was a little kid and got lost because I couldn't see over the shelves- or over the stacks of books on the floor, even. (Been there, done that.) There's something about its bigness, and smell, and efficiency, and just the beauty of knowing you can find philosophy books a short walk away from fashion.

I went to find my lit text for this year (Waterland by Graham Swift) and also to spend a $30 voucher I got more than a year ago and never got round to using. I love the idea of an unspent Kino voucher resting for a rainy day :) My motto for vouchers is, spend them on something you otherwise couldn't bear parting cash for. And for me, that's ballet and fashion books- they make me endlessly happy, but they also tend to be more expensive than paperback novels.

I had some ideas in mind when I went, and eventually narrowed down my candidates to three:

  1. 50 Fashion Looks that Changed the 50s, Paula Reed
  2. Dancers Among Us, Jordan Matter
  3. The Sartorialist: Closer; Scott Schuman
I actually wanted to get the original The Sartorialist, but was much more attracted to the cover of its sequel. It also happened to be the most expensive of the lot- but I ended up getting it anyway. The photographs are just gorgeous- there isn't a page where I don't find an interesting detail. I love his prologue, and the idea of how an exclusive distance can be a good thing. 

After much much debate (the lady at the information counter can testify) I decided to get numbers 1 and 3, but that wasn't for lack of wheedling about 2 until my friend convinced me to shut up and go. I've always wanted to buy The Sartorialist but couldn't bring myself to fork out almost $50- but this time, with the voucher and with a member's-only 20% (gosh I love those) off, I decided to go for it. LOVE it. I have to stop myself reading it so I can continue with my life!

As for Dancers... when I got home I checked it out online and it was on sale for a cheaper price. No prizes for guessing my decision.

Might update with a more comprehensive review when I'm done with the books, but for now, I'm super elated with my purchases! :D

24 Updates on Check Yes Closet!

Check Yes Closet, my selling space, has been updated! 

Please, please help me clear my things! My mother has threatened the karang guni (aka rubbish man) for the whole lot if I don't clear it soon, and I know some of these darlings really deserve to go to a better home.

23 Mixed Cocktails

Mixed Cocktails

Mixed Cocktails by adaydreamer featuring diane von furstenberg

The other day it occurred to me, why don't I have a fruit-printed top in my wardrobe?! This is a gap that must be fixed. 

22 New-Age Retro

New-Age Retro

New-Age Retro by adaydreamer featuring embellished tops

Inspiration: space-age tai-tai.

21 Roman Holiday

20 Happiness is a Place

Photo belongs to ANAWOLOWL; do not take without credit

In the midst of winter, I found, within me, an invincible summer.

-Albert Camus

That's the quote and picture (taken by me!) currently tacked up on my Precious Wall of Inspiration (ie my closet door) after my 10-day trip to Bhutan. It was a precious ten days, and I wasted two full ones because I was sick with what my doctor suspects was food poisoning. I thought when I was there that I couldn't wait to get back to sunny Singapore but now that I'm here, with the muggy heat and the racing lifestyle, I can't help wish but for another ten days, if only to glean more lessons from their beautiful land, culture and people.

More words when I can come up with them. But it's back to school, and nervous palpitations, and the oppressive uniform.