42 Denim Jackets

I'm not too sure whether I should get a denim jacket myself. My last and only purchase didn't go too well-- or perhaps it was the style? I bought the collarless lace version below in Platinum ages ago, but always felt it was too chunky for my body type (hence --brief advert-- I'm selling it for $5 on Check Yes Closet! click the caption for link). I might try a more cropped, lightweight version next time-- F21 has some good variations! In any case, a look in the mirror might be called for before handing out cash.
What I'd Wear is slowly changing my views on denim jackets, though. As, I'm sure, many other things which will slowly worm their way into my wishlist...
Selling here!
In the meantime, I achieved a meagre 2 of my four goals for block test results. This, however, means I get to reward myself! Yay! I'm debating between small accessories or a more heavy investment piece, like a satchel to replace my tearing Alexa.

41 ...But Joy Comes in the Morning

...Just wanted to let you guys know, I found out the Monday after my last post that there was a technical mistake in uploading my marks onto the school system. It entered my grade 10 whole marks lower than it actually was, reflecting an A as a D (because I can't figure out how many letter grades down that is, not because I want to show off).

Two prong response (maybe three):

  1. I am, of course, incorrigibly and indelibly happy with my marks. As I said in the previous post, I knew I had studied and that I had used the same studying method as the year before. To know that it all, after all, paid off is a remarkably rewarding feeling. Disclaimer: please do not think I am being snobbish and that D is 'the worst grade I have ever gotten'. I was not wholly upset because of the letter grade, but because I know I could have done much better. Like I said, expectations hurt much more than the actual result.
  2. That said, I still stand by what I said in the previous post. I still have lots to work on-- my actual percentage dropped by a little, and I can see that my Section B (logic... haha!) needs to be worked on because it pulled my marks down by quite a lot. So I need to work on identifying arguments -not just the premises, but the nuances, and the full scope of its implications- and work on commenting critically on its structure and logic. I think my mistakes from this paper were to mix up the form (logic) and content (morality) of the passages, as well as not being totally clear on what my issues with it were. For Section A-- just to take a clearer view and examine the bare premises-- although a rephrasing of the argument could very well take analysis in a different direction. 
What struck me was how very much clearer everything was after the teachers went through their analyses. I suppose taking the paper out of its exam context makes things a lot easier...

Anyway, I'm very very much relieved. Not entirely pleased with my overall results still --my teacher remarked that I was "consistent" in my progress report, but not sure if I was consistently OK or consistently good-- but still. Very much relieved.

(And not very coherent, obviously)

40 New Times

Above is a draft for a new template change. I'm finding myself missing my original template, though! (The one with the rows of little green owls judging you serenely.) As much as I tried to draft a sophisticated layout, a whimsical design seems to appeal to my inner senses more :(

I tried to find ways to update this site because I'd really love for it to be more lively than it is right now but I seem to have lost the knack for expository writing/ blogging about anything other than fashion. But I will try! :))

On the personal front, my grades really plunged this block tests, and I'm still trying to figure out why. For the first time, I'm at the end of the "but I studied, I really did" stick (bar Math). For Econs, all that studying seemed to pay off, but I'm not very sure about KI and Lit. As it is, I did unbelievably badly for KI, but I haven't gotten my papers yet, only the numerical grade on ISP, so I'm hoping hoping hoping it's a typo. And as it is, without getting my papers back, I can't analyze where I went wrong, although I'm predicting it's a case of pride before a fall, since I did quite well for my section A prac right before the test.

Pride seems to have been my greatest fault this term. I've been plugging away at whatever Math tutorials come my way since then, although this could be due to the fact that I like statistics more than integration. As for Lit and KI, I guess the path I'm on is the right one-- just that the fruits of my labour aren't the most visible as yet.

Found myself waking up all depressed and grumpy this Sunday morning-- the result of both a nightmare involving hiding in a closet during WWII and seeing my KI results online last night. Strangely and wonderfully enough, attending morning church uplifted my spirits. It's Vocational Sunday, which really resonates during this difficult time period when I'm trying to figure out who and what I want to be (two different things, I must point out). I love it when homilies and hymns appeal directly to the mood you're going through that Sunday.

Today, two things stood out for me:

  1. During the Homily, Father quoted Mother Teresa's "Do small things with great love." It's an oft-quoted phrase that only jumped out at me now. I realized all along I have been looking to do great things, and that really wears you down. Expectations harm you just as much as the negative results, if not more. Father also mentioned that just as we try to lead our best lives, we must also be a beacon of light for others. I think it's important to do that, not in a religious way, but to be the kind of person others look up to. I've been bugged down by horrible feelings of pride and jealousy lately, and it's not at all like me -- or at least, that's what I'd like to think. I have to keep reminding myself to be light, and keep love my focus, not petty envy. Conscience makes these negative feelings even worse. I just hope I can keep this peace at my fingertips in the future, and not just on rainy, serene Sundays. Always stay on the side of light, it feels much better there. 
  2. One of my favourite hymns- We Will Rise Again (click for lyrics). It reminds me that not just JC life, but my whole life, is a very, very long path and it's just silly to get depressed over something so small. Today's Mass really helped me see the bigger picture and realize the only way to go from here is up. So I did badly, okay, I can improve from here and what I've got to do is work harder, harder, harder. My path ahead suddenly seemed so much clearer. I've got to stop thinking about how I failed myself and failed those who have supported me/expected highly of me, and just concentrate on how I can work to get myself back up there. 
I guess part of the hurt is that I expected better of myself. But once I reconcile myself to the fact that anybody can fail at any time, it seems easier to accept that you can't be guaranteed of consistent marks all the time. But what you can do is try. And always keep sight of the bigger picture: this is not easy, it's not meant to be easy, and you're not doing as badly as you think you are.

This post is as much for me as it is for my readers. I hope my future self reads this again and again. I still feel hurt at my marks, but it's healing now. I'll conclude with a wonderful quote by Mother Teresa,
“If you are humble, nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are.”

38 Templates

Hello there!

Did you notice the new template?

the old banner :)
New banner!
As you can see, I'm a little reluctant to let go of my little 'duotone owl', as I dubbed him. And as much as I still love the old banner, I felt that it was a little too long and detracted from the posts-- hence the shorter, snappier new banner :) Also, how do you feel about the new chevron background? It looks a little like snakeskin in sea green, and I'm still wondering if I should change it.

On the subject of templates, I have decided --after a slew of rather disastrous online buys this month (ew)-- to finally get my act together and compile a list of what does and does not look good on me. It is by no means perfect, and I shall keep editing this as my experience grows, but hopefully this will help shorten both the time I take to get dressed and my list of online purchases gone wrong.

Actually, what Lauren Conrad's wearing in the first collage is probably 98% true to what I wear most Sundays: fit and flare dress, flap bag, nude heels. I'm so predictable...

On the down side, the pastels I love so much are --as I'm slowly learning-- not as nice in return to my skin. I have decided to take up my mum's advice and stick, as much as possible, to brights, with dashes of navy. How delectable is Constance Jablonski's dress (main picture) there?!

37 Back to Basics: Wishlist

Back to Basics: Wishlist

Back to Basics: Wishlist by adaydreamer featuring vila

So my results aren't going that well so I highly doubt my plan to reward myself with shopping is going to work out. But here's what I would've gotten had I actually bothered to put more effort into Math :((

Some more inspiration from Sharing My Sole:
Sharing My Sole

36 Some Vintage Inspiration

First day back at school after exams: watched Wild Child when I came home (another guilty pleasure I guess-- loved the Harry Potter references) and received two lovelies in the mail! Here's my idea of how to style one of them. Most inclined to Grace Kelly's take in Rear Window, of course.

And if anyone's looking, a comparison of the two colours of TVD Lace Sleeve Basic Top: