42 Denim Jackets

I'm not too sure whether I should get a denim jacket myself. My last and only purchase didn't go too well-- or perhaps it was the style? I bought the collarless lace version below in Platinum ages ago, but always felt it was too chunky for my body type (hence --brief advert-- I'm selling it for $5 on Check Yes Closet! click the caption for link). I might try a more cropped, lightweight version next time-- F21 has some good variations! In any case, a look in the mirror might be called for before handing out cash.
What I'd Wear is slowly changing my views on denim jackets, though. As, I'm sure, many other things which will slowly worm their way into my wishlist...
Selling here!
In the meantime, I achieved a meagre 2 of my four goals for block test results. This, however, means I get to reward myself! Yay! I'm debating between small accessories or a more heavy investment piece, like a satchel to replace my tearing Alexa.

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