43 Classic Update: Blouses

In the works: a long feature on dresses! I had too many pictures of perfect dresses in my folders for a single graphic, and I'm not ashamed.

On a side personal note, I went out by myself on Labour Day for a long, slow jaunt through favourite shopping haunts (half-rhyme) and scored 2 necklaces and 3 rings from Lovisa for $13! I love bargain deals. I've also been accumulating a lot of dainty gold finds recently, and will document them when I can. Soon. Also happened to be wearing a blouse (a favourite: soft, Peterpan-collared, navy blue and with swan prints) when I bought them: discovered blouses, half-tucked into my favourite shorts, make for breezy, effortless shopping outfits.

Another exciting note: I ordered Audrey Style online! The hardcover was a whopping $80 from Kinokuniya, but I managed to find a paperback copy for $20 online. Such a score: I was so excited flipping through it at Kinokuniya, it's full of delightful (then again there aren't any Hepburn photos which aren't) photos and interesting tidbits about her life and style.

Was tempted to get How to be Lovely (another Hepburn guide) and Grace Kelly Style too, but decided to keep it at one style tome first. Reviews when I get it.

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