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Dainty Gold Accents

Dainty Gold Accents by adaydreamer featuring an anchor ring

As promised, a post on some of the more delicate gold pieces I've amassed recently! I took most photos with my phone this afternoon and I'm glad they turned out so well.
ASOS Gogo Philip Heart Charm Necklace
This beauty has tarnished a little since I bought it, and I was initially wary of its shape, but I've come to love it and frequent it as a chunkier, more substantial alternative to the one below.
Heart necklace, bought from Isetan
This one has an odd story behind it: I originally bought its predecessor from a Taiwan street vendor in 2010. I wasn't supposed to stop --my friends and I were rushing to the far bigger market across the street, and this lady had set up store outside a convenience store, if I remember correctly-- but she had such a big trove of dainty gold earrings set out that I had to take a look. She offered a bargain deal for 3 pairs, so my friends and I all snapped them up-- I still wear those I bought! Right before I paid, I spotted this necklace dangling from a makeshift cardboard display, and she offered me a cheaper deal for it.

Fast forward few months later, back in Singapore, when I moved house, it got hopelessly tangled up in its own chain and I couldn't untangle it. I was really heartbroken because I thought I'd never find it again-- then, around the end of last year, I found its silver version in a neighbourhood shopping mall, of all places! Even though I don't really like silver as much as gold, I bought it because who knew when I'd find it again?

The happy ending came at last-- around last month, my mother was out shopping at Isetan and spotted this. She bought it immediately because I had often moaned to her about finding my gold necklace again. So now I have 3 versions -- one tangled gold, one silver, and another much-worn gold-- an investment piece indeed!
Lovisa arrow necklace
 ...I only shop at Lovisa when there're sales on. So I bought this one in a set with the one below-- the two necklaces were originally going for $20!
Lovisa Karma necklace
 This one now, has a special story to it as well. Back in January I went to Bhutan --and I still can't wait to go back-- and one of the tour guides had given my friend a Bhutanese name, translating to "sunflower". I wanted one too, so I asked him if he could please give me one. He took his time with it, and I was so worried he'd forgotten because I was really curious! Finally he came up to me and told me my Bhutanese name could be "karma". I was surprised, because I thought he was referring to the Buddhist idea of reincarnation and cycles and 'what goes around comes around', but he shook his head no. He said in Bhutanese, it also means "starlight". How beautiful is that?!
Of course, I'm hoping he wasn't pulling my leg.
I also forget whether it was "starlight" or "stars". !! 
So when I spotted a pendant necklace with my Bhutanese name on it, I had to get it.
Lovisa rings, set of 3
 These 3, together with the two necklaces above, for $13! Crazy.
ASOS Love skinny torque bangle
A little liable to come off when shopping, but otherwise a pretty sweet deal. My first foray into 'armswag'!
an interesting reminder from Pinterest
Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead!

PS. Ignore the weird formatting of this post, I accidentally deleted it and had to copy and paste it back in--stupid long story but ew, at least the content's still there!

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