78 Eyelet Crazy

Credit: Google Images
My latest eyelet piece, TVD's Talia Cut-out Romper, arrived today! It was just the cherry on the cake for a pretty good day, and the perfect ending to a very harried two days. (I had a huge clothes disaster yesterday in which 3 pieces of clothing, including my new LB Hadley Blouse, turned grey in the wash, but when I came home today I found out my mum had managed to remove all the stains! She's brilliant!!)

I'm sorry but I totally forgot to take a close-up of the eyelet details so you will have to make do with a very pretty stock image from Google Images. In the meantime, read my review here.

/Now I'm really dying to get Thread Theory's reversible tank top (I've already decided what colour) since my self-rewarding reward budget allows for it (this whole self-rewarding thing is so screwed up) (but oh well) (who's complaining) but I think the postwoman, if not my whole family, will judge if I have 4 parcels arrive this week. I'm expecting LAB's either tomorrow or Friday. (Long story short: they sent me the wrong dress first time round, and the correct one's winging its way to me as we speak.)

77 In Transit

We created the stupid mistake,
cliche of going to Paris
believed we would be as much in love
anywhere else as in our Eiffel-shadowed, baguette-stained beds

Maybe the stars shine brighter in French skies,
maybe we both lied when we looked at each other and saw only
the reflection of what we thought we should see there,
and said "I love you" anyway,

and when we left it took our sense of entitlement with it
as if at customs, they had stamped
"via Romance"
instead of "via France",
"in Love"
instead of "in transit".

More poetry. I wrote half of this on the bus, while standing in between two people who were very much taller than me (in other words, while being slammed between backpacks). It made a lot more sense in my sleep-deprived head, but I've tried (hopefully successfully) to clear it up since then.

76 Patently Gorgeous

Since we're, um, not on the subject of closet staples but I love talking about them anyway: here's a mysteriously slanted photo of one of the best investments (student-budget-wise) I have made recently: patent nude heels from New Look. Usually I shun New Look unless they're having massive sales, but in the case of these beauties, after resisting them for one or two weeks (I forget)... I went back to the store and bought them at full price (less than $40, but still). Since then I have worn them almost every week so I daresay the cost per wear has lowered substantially!

Besides the fact that I usually wear nude coloured shoes anyway, these are shiny and just the right amount of pointy-toed, so I can pretend I'm wearing Kate Middleton's L.K. Bennetts.

75 Neverland

Pardon for the lack of imaginative photos, the lighting in my room was really bad and my phone was running out of battery. Aside from these negative points... I'm really in love with this gorgeous new arrival! Read my review of Love, Bonito's Hadley Blouse here.

74 Lost Earring

She lost an earring that day,
just one side had fallen off
God knows where.

The missing was gawping, a
gasping, awkward gap
where a perfect fit ought to
have been.

Here's me, she thought,
shaking her lone earring in
the mirror,
and there's you.


More uninspired writing. I actually wrote this in the car on the way to school just before 7AM. Early start to my cognitive faculties, eh? I think it's interesting to have two sides of the coin: both 'earrings' in, but not feeling right; or having one gone and then losing your mind in projections. On the literal side, I really did lose an earring the other day. I took them out because I didn't feel like wearing them, put them in my bag, and... only realized one was gone when I reached home. Still annoyed, not least because they were a good memory from Bangkok.

73 Girl in Translation

Credit: Google Images
You were a jigsaw piece
from a different puzzle.
Always fitting,
Never belonging.
Inspired by Jean Kwok's Girl in Translation. Apart from getting back to writing, I am also getting back to reading. Excited!

72 Water Land/ Secrets

Pardon the stupid title. But here's a paean ("song or lyric poem expressing triumph or thanksgiving"-- thanks Wikipedia!) to my Lit text.
The waters have their secrets

Not so secret if you would just look
and see where History has taken us
down our own march of memory,
taken us for a trip,
dunked our heads in and pulled
them back up gasping for air

The children have their secrets

Not so children now, children,
with your by-the-way scurrility
amidst nuclear nightmares

We too had our secrets
the ones we keep and the ones
that are kept from us
No one said love was this scary
(No one said this was love, love)
We were curious, that was all,

Curious people beget secrets
and keep them,
became people with secrets,
stop being curious

We were children in the land of the waters,
how hard it is to grow up in a place where everything returns

You try to grow up but are reminded of your youth in a
flash of sickly red.

Nothing is safe is a land of secrets,
in a land of the water which swallows as it feeds
It swallows our History, our
words whispered by windmills,
our leaden songs sung in seclusion and pain

It feeds our melancholy,
our madness,
our secrets.

71 You Will Know Us

A few days ago, I went on a writing spree: manually scribbling words down into a notebook as they came to my mind. It felt great, because it's something I haven't done in a while. And because of this, I'm a little rusty: so forgive if the words fall a little harder and harsher than they should.
Credit: Tumblr
People have this idea of what they think ballet dancers look like: tall, skinny, b'tutu-ed, hair in a bun. But what they don't know is that ballet dancers come in all shapes and sizes. How then will you know us? How will you spot one on the streets?
You'll know us by our resilience.
You'll know us by our strength,
to balance on one toe for 32 counts but also to balance that heady line between criticism and critique. You learn to take things in your stride. Pride is for losers. You learn to learn you don't know anything at all. You learn to let your guard down, that that's the only way to dance. A dancer is a myriad of emotions, oh lucky you if you get to witness them all; the sad village girl looping a mad snake dance, the happy one light as a feather who will let you hold her in your arms for a count, the emboldened brazened one who spins like a dervish, dangerous, delightful.
You'll know us by our pain.
Ballet is pain. But ballet is also joy, pure, unadulterated, unfiltered, raw joy.
You'll know it when you see it.
The unedited, happy (even if it doesn't seem like it) thoughts of a ballet dancer at her first class after a hiatus of 3 weeks.

70 The New Wishlist

The New Wishlist

The New Wishlist by adaydreamer featuring dorothy perkins

Now that the exams are over, time for a new wishlist, yes? ;)

Last time round, I didn't do so well, but that was partially my fault because (for Math at least) I definitely didn't allot enough time to practice. Judging from my results this time, I have improved-- but only to regain my standard from last year. There's still some improvement to go!

Wishlist wise, I was hankering for a ribbon-tie top, denim jacket, satchel bag, sneakers and weaved bracelets. I'm still undecided on the sneakers front, but I have gotten a new trusty tote and beloved denim jacket (both of which I have since carried/worn multiple times! score for reduced cost per wear). 

I'm still looking for a versatile, yet statement-making top I can pair with all the skirts I've been amassing. There's this pearl-accented crop top in Bugis Street that I have stopped myself buying two times already-- I have a feeling if I go back I will just cave and buy it! It's going to need an inner tank, and hand washing every time, but it would look lovely with my H&M maxi...

I'm also hankering after the bout of cut-in racer front tank tops that have been launching everywhere recently (notably on A for Arcade and Love, Bonito). I've settled on Thread Theory's as it's cheap, reversible (whoohoo!) and comes in sizes, but I'm waiting for all my results to come out first to see if they deserve splurging on. (Here's explanation for my self-rewarding goal system!)

Just for some eye candy, here're some items I saved on my desktop while window shopping recently:

Credit: Mustard and Mint

Credit: Intoxiquette

Credit: Love and Bravery

Credit: Thread Theory

69 Crop Tops

Above are 3 ways I would style a crop top!
There was a really cool Zara-inspired one selling on Intoxiquette some time back, with flutter sleeves, that was paired beautifully with a slinky black maxi skirt (yes, I stole that idea for the second set!): but unfortunately, before I'd made up my mind, the top had sold out :(
I did still like the idea of a jersey maxi skirt, though, so recently I bought one from H&M for $24.90. I personally seldom wear black so I bought it in navy instead, and it's so beautiful: clingy in the right places, with side pockets that don't bulge! Can't wait to wear it out.

68 Totes Crazy

Totes Crazy

Totes Crazy by adaydreamer featuring canvas tote bags

Pardon the lame puns.
I saw a junior today carrying one and immediately wanted to dig out that Hogwarts canvas tote I drew years ago. Inspiration comes from everywhere!

67 Wanderlust II: The City

Travelling: Shopping in the City

Travelling: Shopping in the City by adaydreamer featuring a flower print skirt

"Freedom, freedom..."

Okay, enough Queen. For now, here's enough to settle my wanderlust: a packed (pun intended) set of what I'd pack for a 5-day getaway to somewhere wonderful like Bangkok: city metropolis, shopping haven.

Let's explain the contents:
  1. Printed rompers (3) (swop with dresses if you'd like): Partly because my latest obsession is rompers (I just bought a floral one-- see a few posts below for pictures). Partly because, since they're shorts, they make long shopping jaunts more comfortable; partly because, since they're dressier shorts, they're OK for air-conditioned upscale malls too, as well as any dinners you might want to have with friends afterwards.
  2. Breezy cool shirts (4): I wear tee shirts and shorts in hotel rooms and at home (don't you?). But these do double duty because when ready, simply pull a skirt over and head out! A lovely dressy option for flea markets, wholesale malls, et cetera. Which brings us to:
  3. Floral skirts/ shorts (3): yup, basically fancier options than the PE shorts I wear at home.
  4. Sandals and wedges: quite self-explanatory: sandals for going out and about, wedges for night/ more formal events (as formal as a shopping getaway can get anyway).
  5. Sunglasses: I actually don't wear them that often but I really love tortoise shell ones!
  6. Accessories: stackable rings are great because you can mix and match effortlessly, plus they don't take up much space in your luggage. I prefer dainty necklaces to statement ones because yep, they take up less space, and also make much more versatile additions than a one-off choker.
Every now and then my brain spazzes out and goes "EXAMS ARE OVER?!"
PS. Does this count as Style: Part 2? Haha!

66 Introducing: The Style Carnival

Visit The Style Carnival, my new blog for all my style inspirations, now!

This blog has been a long time coming: I was inspired by the likes of What I'd Wear, which has always been a go-to for me when hungry for some style bites. The blog is of course still in its infancy as many posts are still queued/ yet to be born so do bear with me!

Filler posts and spreads will still be posted here, along with the occasional Polyvore spread. I plan to do more spreads for TSC in the future, such as style essentials, items of the moment, et cetera, but for the meantime hold on tight to this spot :)

For those who are curious, the fonts I used for the Tumblr banner you see in the screenshot above are Over The Moon and Channel.

65 Secret Garden

don't you love this edit? I do :')
My first purchase from Momoteapots just arrived- right when I was thinking about it, may I add! I was just daydreaming about it taking a break from Math, thinking about that terrible gap in between when it's mailed and when it arrives, when the doorbell rang. Hooray!

On a side note, the prints and colours remind me of hydrangeas, which is always a good thing. Hence their appearance in the edit above.

Read my review of the Momoteapots Magic Garden Playsuit in Blue (M) here.

Her heart was a secret garden, and the walls were very high.
-The Princess Bride, by William Goldman