67 Wanderlust II: The City

Travelling: Shopping in the City

Travelling: Shopping in the City by adaydreamer featuring a flower print skirt

"Freedom, freedom..."

Okay, enough Queen. For now, here's enough to settle my wanderlust: a packed (pun intended) set of what I'd pack for a 5-day getaway to somewhere wonderful like Bangkok: city metropolis, shopping haven.

Let's explain the contents:
  1. Printed rompers (3) (swop with dresses if you'd like): Partly because my latest obsession is rompers (I just bought a floral one-- see a few posts below for pictures). Partly because, since they're shorts, they make long shopping jaunts more comfortable; partly because, since they're dressier shorts, they're OK for air-conditioned upscale malls too, as well as any dinners you might want to have with friends afterwards.
  2. Breezy cool shirts (4): I wear tee shirts and shorts in hotel rooms and at home (don't you?). But these do double duty because when ready, simply pull a skirt over and head out! A lovely dressy option for flea markets, wholesale malls, et cetera. Which brings us to:
  3. Floral skirts/ shorts (3): yup, basically fancier options than the PE shorts I wear at home.
  4. Sandals and wedges: quite self-explanatory: sandals for going out and about, wedges for night/ more formal events (as formal as a shopping getaway can get anyway).
  5. Sunglasses: I actually don't wear them that often but I really love tortoise shell ones!
  6. Accessories: stackable rings are great because you can mix and match effortlessly, plus they don't take up much space in your luggage. I prefer dainty necklaces to statement ones because yep, they take up less space, and also make much more versatile additions than a one-off choker.
Every now and then my brain spazzes out and goes "EXAMS ARE OVER?!"
PS. Does this count as Style: Part 2? Haha!

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