72 Water Land/ Secrets

Pardon the stupid title. But here's a paean ("song or lyric poem expressing triumph or thanksgiving"-- thanks Wikipedia!) to my Lit text.
The waters have their secrets

Not so secret if you would just look
and see where History has taken us
down our own march of memory,
taken us for a trip,
dunked our heads in and pulled
them back up gasping for air

The children have their secrets

Not so children now, children,
with your by-the-way scurrility
amidst nuclear nightmares

We too had our secrets
the ones we keep and the ones
that are kept from us
No one said love was this scary
(No one said this was love, love)
We were curious, that was all,

Curious people beget secrets
and keep them,
became people with secrets,
stop being curious

We were children in the land of the waters,
how hard it is to grow up in a place where everything returns

You try to grow up but are reminded of your youth in a
flash of sickly red.

Nothing is safe is a land of secrets,
in a land of the water which swallows as it feeds
It swallows our History, our
words whispered by windmills,
our leaden songs sung in seclusion and pain

It feeds our melancholy,
our madness,
our secrets.

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