70 The New Wishlist

The New Wishlist

The New Wishlist by adaydreamer featuring dorothy perkins

Now that the exams are over, time for a new wishlist, yes? ;)

Last time round, I didn't do so well, but that was partially my fault because (for Math at least) I definitely didn't allot enough time to practice. Judging from my results this time, I have improved-- but only to regain my standard from last year. There's still some improvement to go!

Wishlist wise, I was hankering for a ribbon-tie top, denim jacket, satchel bag, sneakers and weaved bracelets. I'm still undecided on the sneakers front, but I have gotten a new trusty tote and beloved denim jacket (both of which I have since carried/worn multiple times! score for reduced cost per wear). 

I'm still looking for a versatile, yet statement-making top I can pair with all the skirts I've been amassing. There's this pearl-accented crop top in Bugis Street that I have stopped myself buying two times already-- I have a feeling if I go back I will just cave and buy it! It's going to need an inner tank, and hand washing every time, but it would look lovely with my H&M maxi...

I'm also hankering after the bout of cut-in racer front tank tops that have been launching everywhere recently (notably on A for Arcade and Love, Bonito). I've settled on Thread Theory's as it's cheap, reversible (whoohoo!) and comes in sizes, but I'm waiting for all my results to come out first to see if they deserve splurging on. (Here's explanation for my self-rewarding goal system!)

Just for some eye candy, here're some items I saved on my desktop while window shopping recently:

Credit: Mustard and Mint

Credit: Intoxiquette

Credit: Love and Bravery

Credit: Thread Theory

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