78 Eyelet Crazy

Credit: Google Images
My latest eyelet piece, TVD's Talia Cut-out Romper, arrived today! It was just the cherry on the cake for a pretty good day, and the perfect ending to a very harried two days. (I had a huge clothes disaster yesterday in which 3 pieces of clothing, including my new LB Hadley Blouse, turned grey in the wash, but when I came home today I found out my mum had managed to remove all the stains! She's brilliant!!)

I'm sorry but I totally forgot to take a close-up of the eyelet details so you will have to make do with a very pretty stock image from Google Images. In the meantime, read my review here.

/Now I'm really dying to get Thread Theory's reversible tank top (I've already decided what colour) since my self-rewarding reward budget allows for it (this whole self-rewarding thing is so screwed up) (but oh well) (who's complaining) but I think the postwoman, if not my whole family, will judge if I have 4 parcels arrive this week. I'm expecting LAB's either tomorrow or Friday. (Long story short: they sent me the wrong dress first time round, and the correct one's winging its way to me as we speak.)

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