74 Lost Earring

She lost an earring that day,
just one side had fallen off
God knows where.

The missing was gawping, a
gasping, awkward gap
where a perfect fit ought to
have been.

Here's me, she thought,
shaking her lone earring in
the mirror,
and there's you.


More uninspired writing. I actually wrote this in the car on the way to school just before 7AM. Early start to my cognitive faculties, eh? I think it's interesting to have two sides of the coin: both 'earrings' in, but not feeling right; or having one gone and then losing your mind in projections. On the literal side, I really did lose an earring the other day. I took them out because I didn't feel like wearing them, put them in my bag, and... only realized one was gone when I reached home. Still annoyed, not least because they were a good memory from Bangkok.

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