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Book: Audrey Style, by Pamela Clarke Keogh

I sped through it in two days. It was fantastic.

What you get:

  • whole page-sized, high quality photos of Ms Hepburn herself. Either I have been living under a rock or not all of these photos are the common kinds you see everywhere-- more love
  • extensive quotes and anecdotes from everybody who mattered in Ms Hepburn's life
  • two page snippets on various specific details, such as her dog Famous, her kitchen, and her style basics
  • a more wholesome picture of Audrey the person, rather than Audrey the style goddess, much unlike the title suggests.
This book is not a book about fashion or style per se. I think it's much more a guide to being a lovely person like Audrey was-- and that style encompasses personality and character as well, which makes for a very refreshing, very inspiring read.

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