26 Happier Times

Happier Times photoset by me (reblog here)
We learnt today in KI that black and white photographs, according to some, signify death. What first came to mind for me is that black and white photographs are "old"; they signify that time has passed; but, to take on a more melancholy meaning, any photographs in general represent a time that has gone by. There's a quote in Perks about "a memory becoming a moment": and that's encapsulated in a photograph.

With that in mind, having just rewatched He's Just Not That Into You (it having regained its position amongst my favourite films ever), I created a black and white photoset. Not just any movie stills- these moments in the movie (the last, with Scarlett, is from the DVD deleted scenes) are the happy moments just before the heartbreaking epiphany. It's the death of happiness as we knew it.

/Sorry for the sudden sad post, it's nothing to do with the state of my life- I just found it incredibly interesting! To perk things up, here're two icons from the same movie that I'm mildly obsessed with:

All graphics by me. Do not take without credit.

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