60 Prepster Basics

A new set! Preppy is basically one of my go-to looks-- or primary inspirations, I should say, since a pear/hourglass shape doesn't always allow you to get away with what is primarily a look for tall, skinny people! (Or so I keep saying.) I really love Mandy Moore's look above, though. A major part of its cool factor is the sweater, because it's just oversized enough, yet cropped at sleeves and length-wise so the overall effect is a refreshing juxtaposition. 

Things I think all prepsters need to own:
  • Oversized sweaters: not overly big though!
  • Breton tops
  • Medium-wash jeans
  • Sneakers in a dark colour
  • Tan-coloured extras: loafers, belt, satchel
  • Little trinkets
  • Tortoiseshell sunglasses

As you can see, my style obviously overlaps with the classical, so don't mind me. On the other hand, I found a really cool site with fashion tips on personal style, flattering your figure, and so on: The Chic Fashionista. Go go go!

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