nothing before taught me for you; but maybe something after did

Everything happens for a reason. The heart breaks a little differently every time. And, perhaps more importantly, it heals a little differently every time. Each time it heals it forms a new mosaic, a new stained-glass panel in the cathedral of your dreams. Your inner sanctum. Each time something grows, you look at it from behind the previous panel. Your instincts for what to look out for are coloured and structured from the previous panel. You cannot help it. This is how you grow (up). But sometimes, a rare shaft of light shines through from a place you didn't expect. The new panel. The one that foreshadows all the new ways your heart will break and heal; the way your little cathedral will never be the same again. Perhaps this shaft of light comes from God. Everything happens for a reason, even loss; and sometimes, loss itself is but a foreshadowing of joy to come.

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