04 Filler: Grey Pullovers

it's raining cats and dogs and owls
Let me introduce you to what I do when I don't have anything in particular to blog about (or, I'm too lazy to write stuff)... I pull out some inspirational shots from the multitude I have saved on my desktop! To save your souls from boredom though, I'll try to arrange these fillers by theme.

Today's been one of another rainy lovely days, and I always have a soft spot for grey pullovers (grey, not gray)... so here's 3 to brighten up your day :) Think of it as 3 different ways to style a pullover! They're everywhere these days, though I always find they're not as practical for the very on-off weather we have here, especially if you're taking public transport.

girly prep

Zooey Deutsch (credit to TeenVogue)

 irreverent hipster prep

Dree Hemingway (credit to Who What Wear)

 glammed up

Credit to malibuminx.tumblr
[/edit] So, this just in: Keira Knightley looking as perfect as she always is, in a grey pullover and blue textured skirt. What makes this is her shoulder-length disheveled hair: the kind I'm always hoping I'll have... 
Credit for rain background in the main pic to RevGalBlogPals

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