01 How It Begins

On a side note, let me first express how very strange it is that I had been very very averse to the font Garamond before now. I always shied away from it because I thought its proportions were very strange (just look at that italic 'g'!). Then, lo and behold, when I'm looking for fonts to use in the AAO merch shebangs, it hits me that Garamond in italic is pretty cool! That said, I'm not going to start using it a lot outside of here anytime soon.

ANYHOO, how did this blog begin?? Where on earth did I get the very strange title? It was all because my classmate was texting me about this school event, and, because she was very sleepy, she wrote "absence of leave" instead of "leave of absence". And that got me thinking about acronyms about absence in particular. Then I realized AWOL (absent without leave) is an anagram of A OWL (which is grammatically incorrect).

Then, because I love confusing URLs that are very long and look very grammatically incorrect but are actually a coherent phrase, I came up with the mishmashed tongue twister 'An AWOL Owl'. A story demands to be written about this character, but in the meantime, that's the story of how this blog began!

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