30 School's Out

So, school's out! The March holidays are here, finally! Looking at my juniors, I really miss being so carefree last year-- I was wondering what I did last March, then I remembered I spent the whole time working on my council campaign. I won't say I wish I didn't run, though-- I'm just glad I still managed to sneak in some family time last March. If I recall correctly, we went for the Titanic exhibition!

Every J2 holiday this year will be spent preparing -mugging- for some exam or another. This time, it's my block tests next week. KI's down, thank goodness, but there's still Math/Econs/Lit to go! Here's to, hopefully, my first time actually working hard during a holiday...

But for now it's Sunday and I'm reveling in a celebratory mood. Met up with ML just now in Bugis for a long-overdue catch-up session over fries and a greasy fish sandwich. She also passed me my ASOS loots- joy! I bought a heart charm necklace from Gogo Philip to replace my beloved Taiwan buy which was ruined by my carelessness, and a skinny bangle with the word 'Love' on it-- words don't do it justice-- pictures when I can!

One term down, three more to go. I have been successfully more hardworking this term. I've finally found my study method-- go to the library and hunker down with a day's worth of work, and plug away at it till early evening. It works because the library is freezing and full of other hardworking people so I feel too guilty to slack. And hopefully, I'll continue this streak till As!

Also found time to get involved in more CIP, initially for the mercenary 'portfolio' reason (shudder), but eventually I've found it really is rewarding. Teaching will never be my calling, but it still is pretty awe-inspiring to see such marked improvement in your students!

I'm starting to get more self-identity crises and minor moody breakdowns-- the perils of turning 18, having to do As, decide where to go for university, and generally (though they tell you it's a non sequitur-- they lie!) what to do with your life. I'm not the only one, it seems, but it's still easier to look at those who have already decided than comfort yourself by looking at those who share the same plight as you.

It seems it's not so fun growing up! When I was 7 I couldn't wait to turn 'sweet 16' and now it's 2 years come and gone since then. How not to feel melancholy about a childhood epoch passed?

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