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Jean Gene | Mustard Blazers

Jean Gene | Mustard Blazers by adaydreamer featuring a cotton t-shirt

I usually give myself a little out-of-budget shopping as reward for reaching my exam goals. After this Math paper, though, I think some reevaluating is in order...

Anyway, here's what's on my wishlist:
- Fashmob Mustard Boyfriend Blazer-New Look nude pumps -A cream dotted pussybow blouse I found online-Love Bonito Ashley racer tank

And, completely on impulse and arising from my lack of brain cells this afternoon-- I bought an off-the-shoulder top in black and a wine red skater skirt. Granted I've been thinking about both for a while, but they're still out of my budget and I'm still half kicking myself about them. Only half, because I am secretly looking forward to picking them up on Friday. The off-the-shoulder top is totally OOC for me, I never wear close to strapless things and I never wear black, but I guess it's time for a little change. It soo reminded me of 50s Grease and Audrey Hepburn that I had to get it! Plus, ever since I saw it paired with my LP eyelet skirt I haven't been able to get the combo out of my head. 

/rationalizing impulses

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