131 Promenade

Looks like the Bangkok leg of our trip is going to be cancelled due to the protests, which have shown no sign of slowing down :( I can't say how incredibly disappointed I am. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, we'd abstained from holidays due to my A levels, and sometimes I miss Bangkok so much it gets visceral. I must say the memories have gotten blurred around the edges as it's now been four years since we moved (!!), but sometimes I want to get away to somewhere messy instead of geometric. Plus, the shopaholic side of me is very sad that I have been saving up for nothing.

In the meantime, partially to cheer myself up, I've made an inspiration board for my prom look. Prom is in 3 days! Yay! ...It also means I only have 3 days to figure out how the Duchess of Cambridge does. her. hair. It is so amazingly beautiful!! I am very lucky I managed to score pearl-accented bobby pins from Accessorize (on sale) (best luck) the other day, because I've been looking for them ever since... the Duchess of Cambridge did her hair that way. Which was on the Jubilee Tour, last year.

On more recent inspirations, though, Suki Waterhouse's make-up is simply amazing. I liked her lilac gown too, despite its revealing nature-- perhaps I'm just a sucker for lilac and lace. I'm very glad I held on to a lilac eyeshadow I received as a gift ... maybe four years ago. (When you only wear make-up once or twice a year, you don't really bother buying new palettes.)

The night of prom's going to be super busy as I have to juggle getting ready for prom with getting ready for another big event-- my Oxford interview! Fingers majorly crossed. I've never felt so dimwitted.

[unedited] Also, just came back from a 3D2N stay at Changi. Ahh...


  1. that dress is so lovely! i adore the details!

    lindsey louise