82 Local Trends

While I'm at it, I thought I'd compile a list of local trends: items that are all over blogshops recently:

  1. Perspex clutches (waited forever for them to arrive in shops, but now undecided: I like the lace-covered ones)
  2. Rompers (particularly the Topshop-inspired design seen with TVD's Talia!)
  3. Lace skirts (particularly the lace seen on LAB's Renessa)
  4. Cut-outs: back (MGP's Looque is quite popular), side (TVD has such a maxi, I believe), front (as seen in LB's latest launch)
  5. Lattice work (LB/TTR, notably)
  6. Cut-in tops (I just ordered Thread Theory's-- review when it arrives!)
Peplum skirts used to be all over -and everyone owns at least one colour of LB's Miranda- but it's one trend I am forcing myself to stay away from, since I discovered that peplums attract attention to ample hips. I bought a mint coloured peplum top from Cotton On once on impulse and traded it away in the end because I just couldn't find anything to wear it with that wouldn't make my hips look that much bigger.

This list isn't intensive and certainly wasn't done with much research, just off the top of my head-- though that's not saying much since I pretty much don't do anything except blogshop-hop online these days, so I always get instances of "where did I see that before" "ooh, new colours/sizes as compared to this other blogshop" "everybody is wearing this!!" etc. 

And once again-- invest in style, not trends! Always pick items that are flattering for you and that you love. Even if it's cheap and available everywhere, if you don't really love it, you won't wear it for long. #painfullessonslearnt

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