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More Piping!

More Piping! by adaydreamer featuring marni

The pajama trend is one that didn't really take off in local blogshops-- with reason, since it's a particularly challenging one, and one that I'll probably never attempt, despite being intrigued by it. (Losing myself in swathes of layers is not the best way to tackle a pear-shaped body.) But a minuscule way of dipping my toes in, as it were, is experimenting with piping-- I'm still looking for the perfect shirt featuring it, but here're 3 that I found by perusing more than 40+ pages of items on Polyvore.

Meanwhile, if you're more adventurous, here're some celebrities whose take on the trend I like:
Rose Byrne
Marina Larroudé: a face I'll have to watch
Kate Hudson
Images Credit: Google Images

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