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Atlantic Pacific is slowly debunking my previously staunchly held theory that peplum tops only go with fitted bottoms.

Besides this, check out her blog! She's a wonderful example of how a consistent style (in terms of favourite silhouettes and flattering colour palettes) can be reworked in a myriad of ways with the help of standout pieces. Check out the not-quite-nude peach heels above, and how she later pairs the same peplum top above with similarly pointy-toed hues in a striking lime green colour.

I'm trying to do the same with my wardrobe: I've long resigned myself to sticking to the fit-and-flare silhouette, and that navy blues and whites --though classic, sometimes boring-- suit me best; but of late I've bought pieces in a colour that's slightly off (try ice blue instead of baby blue!), or pieces with slight tweaks to the silhouette (such as lace instead of a plain swathe of fabric, or a square neckline instead of a scoop). These, paired with my favourite outfit finishers (nude heels, cream quilted bag, often either drop earrings or a statement necklace), usually put me in good stead for Sundays (a.k.a. the only day I dress up in the whole week) (woes of a student).

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