94 Sunshine, Daisies, Butter, Mellow

I told myself I'd cut down spending this month due to the extra money spent on prom, but obviously I lied.
People binge eat when they're stressed; I binge shop :((

Below are close-ups of Love and Bravery's Edeline Cut-out Flare Dress and My Glamour Place's Livia Dress (review can be found here).

I actually do quite like this edit and the one below, if I say so myself.

One last picture: couldn't resist snapping a shot of my favourite part of the print, these little blue birds!

In case you think this blog is getting too frivolous to stand, I have a post on education saved in my draft. I'm working on a response to some posts I've seen on the Internet about the proposed changes to the education system, an exercise which I'm sure my brain will be thankful for. (Today's KI essay paper reminded me of how long it's been since I actually worked my writing brains!!)

Also, check out HVV's latest preview. Not for the clothes, but for the design: they switched their preview graphics from their usual style, and now it's kind of reminiscent of LB's old style, but I like it :D

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