98 Cruising: Statement Necklaces

Cruise (vb): to explore or search the offerings of

I quite liked how this spread turned out, don't you? I was inspired by this outfit of Eva Mendes' I saw last night: I've been cruising statement necklaces such as these two beauties since they first came onto the market, but never bought them as I never knew how to wear them. It's a wonder how Mendes manages to pull one off without looking too over-the-top: I'm guessing it's a combination of how the colours in the necklace pick up the colours in her outfit perfectly, and how the necklace itself isn't overly loaded with bling or neon.

My prelims are almost over-- I have one paper left! This past week has been absolutely hellish, but I'm proud of how hard I studied, so that no matter how hard the papers went, I know I did my best. Friday was marred, however, by the combination of Econs and Lit- I was so tired from studying the previous night that I blanked out quite terribly during the Econs paper. I'm still shuddering from the memory. Nevertheless, I hope it all works out in the end!

PS. I've edited the tabs at the side to make this site more navigable, and also added a 'search this blog' tool below the posts (scroll all the way down). Hope you like it!

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