95 Friday the 13th: Celebratory Playlist!

So as you might have surmised, today is Friday the 13th! I'm not too sure why I'm so excited about this, but it is a pretty rare occurrence, and hence, in a bout of sleep-deprived hyperactivity, I decided to make a celebratory playlist, culled from a motherboard of songs I compiled on Youtube to 'wake me up while I'm studying'. Below is a list of the very best, my very favourites, the ones almost guaranteed to perk me up when I'm lost amid asymptotes and differentials:

1. Video Killed the Radio Star- The Buggles
2. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)- The Proclaimers
3. You Make My Dreams- Hall & Oates
4. Lovefool- The Cardigans
5. Uptown Girl- Billy Joel (or the Westlife cover, if you'd prefer) (spot Christie Brinkley!)

6. Just for kicks-- Friday- Rebecca Black

Okay, so the banner lied. I do have some recent hits that wake me up (Train, Gwen Stefani and Estelle among them) but decided these oldie goldies were the best, after all!

I have a next post planned on books you should Read This Weekend (cheers to random capitalization), but if you'd like some more eye candy, below are 2 floral lovelies I recently ordered from preorder. I cleared a massive load from my closet two days ago (finally brought it all to Salvation Army)... More space for new arrivals, yes? ;)
Reviews when they arrive! :)
On another note, I'm looking to sell my TVD Talia romper (more details here) for $25 with immediate payment. It's too big for me, and I'm hoping to get TBI's version this weekend with their discount code, since their measurements fit me better. If you're interested, please email me using the email address on the right! :)
Selling: TVD Talia Eyelet Cut-out Romper

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