96 5 Books You Should Pick Up

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I'm obviously in a mood for listing: here're 5 books you ought to pick up some time if your taste in books is anything like mine. I tried to pick 5 that were a little different.
  1. A Ring of Endless Light (Madeleine L' Engle): Realistic, non-sappy teenage romance + philosophical/ religious ruminations + wholesome family = a book that I have reread over and over since I was thirteen, and one that I find new meanings in every time. 
  2. The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern): A relatively new find. Whirlwind romance (that is expected but still gets you rooting for it) + an extremely in-depth fantasy world that appealed to me because it suddenly occurred to me, This is the book I would've written when I was twelve if I had the vocabulary and skill. It seems as familiar as a world I've visited in childhood dreams. Plus, I love that the ending isn't exactly straightforward. 
  3. Kate's Style (Caroline Jones): A list of must-read books must include a picture book, right? But I wouldn't be doing this justice. If you adore Kate Middleton's style, pick this up. It's got pictures from her college days right up to the news of her maternity (that means no pregnancy pictures but Jubilee Tour pictures!) and extremely detailed analysis of her style: which means, given that Kate is self-styled, a detailed analysis of her choices, which leaves you with great appreciation for Kate's respect for her role. Not as biographical as Audrey Style (featured in this post) but just as finger-licking good.
  4. This Lullaby (Sarah Dessen): An oldie goldie, if you will. I read this when I was thirteen. Understandably, five years later, it's very simple to read (I finished it in a few hours) but it's my favourite Dessen novel-- I am not very sure why either, just that the characters of Remy and Dexter resonate with me, as well as their choices. Dessen's books get very similar after a while, so if you're just going to pick one up, pick this one. 
  5. Between Shades of Gray (Ruta Sepetys): Now, the serious one. I love historical novels, but I love historical romance novels even more. Not to pigeon-hole this as a love story, because it's not; it's a fictional tale of a young artist sent into exile with her family. Their quest to survive --and retain their morals and sense of identity along the way-- is positively gripping, added to which this is a historical period seldom written about in fictional novels (that's what the blurb told me, heh) so I feel it's almost important that you read this.
In other news, I liked about a billion more Pinterest boards this afternoon, even though I seldom go on Pinterest anymore. Here're some pictures to get you similarly inspired:
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