97 A New Pet Hobby?

Two papers down, six more to go... and I've been browsing Thought Catalog, haha! Here're some links to get you started on what I think might be my new pet hobby: tracking my thoughts in a notebook:

  1. How and Why to Keep a Commonplace Book
  2. How to Digest Books Above Your Level
  3. On the keeping of commonplace books during war
  4. On the 'manly tradition' of the commonplace book- just as applicable to women
And a nice quote:
In our pursuit of knowledge, we often desire a traceable path in our growth.
-The Commonplace Book as the Predecessor to Pinterest 
Last but not least, two amusing image-list-things:

  1. Harry Potter Gifs
  2. Very British Problems (That Also Apply to Socially Awkward Singaporeans) 

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