122 Almost... There...

One more exam to liberation. I've got tomorrow off as a study break, but in the meantime, these two beauties came in the mail! I must commend Love Kaisy and Lollyrouge for their prompt service- I only ordered these on Friday, I think! (Lollyrouge on Thursday night, in between studying desperately for Lit Paper 3, but anyway...)
On a more personal front... I've finally got Instagram! Click on the link in the caption below to view my profile. 
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I'm a total noob at this, though I've wanted to get IG for ages, so bear with me while I get my bearings (harhar, look, a pun of sorts). I really want to pursue the whole style blog/OOTD thing, and justifying the seeming invasion of privacy by acknowledging, finally, that no matter how academic the avenue I choose to tread from now, style and fashion will always be an integral, important part of me, and creating a style blog will be a fun way for me to process and track that. 

/The leotard in the picture above is from The Dance Chapter: their Paige Leotard is only the second gift I've won in a giveaway since I can remember (unless you count this clock I got in a lucky draw when I was a kid) (and I heard everyone won something so it doesn't count) It's so Grace Kelly and Diane Kruger  that I shamelessly took some selfies trying to capture its elegance. It's been a while since I practised my port de bras... 

I'm debating between the one above and the one below as my favourite:

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