125 Entangled

FYI: I have a long list of fashion spreads like this one that I wanted to make since my preparation for the exams started, and I don't want to spam the blog with them while I have the drive to make them all at one go, so I'll be setting them on a queue.

I couldn't help but notice a trend between these three beautiful looks: the use of floral mesh to create an intriguing take on the fit-and-flare dress. I particularly like how a dichotomy is created between the mesh and the inner lining. Simply sheer, it's a trend that wears out after a while, but the placement of floral embroidery immediately makes the look as fresh as a bouquet.

I'm particularly taken by how Emmy Rossum chose to complement the print on hers with a bright satin clutch. Definitely an idea for my floral dresses, and for my upcoming trip to Bangkok: I'll have to start compiling a wishlist soon!

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