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So, the floral lovelies I mentioned in this post both arrived this week: unfortunately, the long-awaited Jamie Playsuit had a rather noticeable stain so I mailed it back for an exchange. Hopefully it won't take too long. The Rykiel dress, however, arrived without a hitch, unless you count getting used to wearing something so body-hugging, and getting used to taking small steps: I feel like I'm in a traditional cheongsam when I wear it! Reviewed here. (If you want to know why no back/ side views were uploaded, unlike my usual reviews: pear-shaped butt. End of story. But the front's nice enough!)

I had almost a full week off last week after my prelims ended, but that overlapped with what I think were 4 late nights in a row trying to work on my IS. In my defence, I have lapsed into a terrible schedule where I can't concentrate during the day, then the lack of sunlight forces me into a state of desperation strong enough to chiong till around 1am. I hope to reverse this terrible body clock soon back to my usual "11pm's pretty late!" mindset because if not I will be a total zombie for A levels at the rate it's going.

Nevertheless, I had a pretty fruitful weekend. 

Spent Saturday at Vivocity with my mum, ostensibly shopping for gifts for my visiting cousins (they're- so- big- now!) but getting caught up at KissJane. Unfortunately, we had a family dinner that night and couldn't stay long, but I'm *dying* to go back to KJ. It isn't a big store by any means, but there are so many racks stuffed with clothes, some of which are OOS online! I managed to try on some clothes that I'd intended to buy online, which I was really happy about because I discovered most didn't fit me well at all, so I've saved tons of money and worrying. In the end I decided to buy A for Arcade's Tammy Lace Top in Indigo, which is sold out online. It's my way of buying into the crop top trend: by tempering it with my classic favourites, navy blue and lace.

Spent Sunday at the National Museum of Singapore with Mum again. By lucky coincidence, it was the last weekend of the Bras Basah.Bugis Arts Flea Market, and they were giving away free tickets to the Liechtenstein exhibition (for however many people you were with-!!) for every purchase of an item from a flea market vendor. We got another present and I found this gorgeous Audrey Hepburn post card that's now propped up by my necklaces (see below for my cleared up room!). There was really a motley crew of artsy-fartsy original stuff there: one woman was selling her sister's handmade jewelry, and they were awesome. Pity I didn't take a photo, but the selection really looked like something you'd see at a jewelry store: gold and silver orchids, pearls, clear gems, all designed in such a beautiful way. There was a pearl necklace that I really loved: a choker-style circlet full of pearls, that broke off for an asymmetrical line of orchids that dangled down just so. The lady kept saying it was too old for me though (hmph) and my mum didn't love it as much as I did. Then there was the guy who made origami crane earrings out of Japanese printed paper... (Did I mention how much I love Japanese print?? An inherited trait.)

The exhibition was pretty cool --found some interesting descriptions that helped me understand how to do formal analysis of a painting for my IS!-- but unfortunately marred by the insane number of people there that day, perhaps because it was a weekend. There must've been at least 3 tour groups in the exhibition hall at the same time, making it quite tiring after a while to wend our way through the crowds.

I also cleared my room- I think last Friday night. It was majorly dusty and it took hours, but I'm so pleased with the result, I love going to my room to just sit and look around now. Plus, I'm actually gearing up the determination to keep it neat! Hurhur. I found uses for many random cardboard boxes I had around too, such as the one below, which was low enough to display half of the spines of my InStyle collection (circa 2008-- don't their colourful spines look beautiful together?!).

I also arranged my necklaces properly. My only regret is I didn't take before and after photos because the difference is astounding. Once some relatives visited my house, saw my room and remarked (supposedly out of my hearing) about how messy my room was, with all the necklaces haphazardly pinned onto the corkboard, and I felt really insulted, but now they've nothing to complain about! :D

PS. One of my seniors wrote a lovely blog post about clearing and decorating her room. It looks beautiful-- maybe I'll do that soon (doing a decoration post/ actually decorating my room)! I particularly love the quote cut-outs on the walls.
I bought the Audrey postcard after taking this photo.
A very lengthy post that I've tried to pepper with photos-- more coming up-- I'm just so pleased by a personally productive weekend :D The IS late nights tired me out, however, so I took a long nap and woke up to the beautiful sunset shown below. Have a lovely weekend ahead! :)

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