104 Fingers crossed.

I've got my fingers crossed.

I've got my fingers crossed. by adaydreamer featuring a triangle shirt

Presenting... my post-prelims wishlist! Statement necklaces and cool crop tops indeed. This is a pretty big divergence from my usual style but I'll temper it by sticking to my usuals to back this palette up: no unnecessary skin bared (so I'll pick high-waist bottoms that hit right where the tops end) and nude accessories. The high-neck sleeveless crop top is intriguing, because it's so 90s and yet totally cool with a flippy skirt (I thought Missypixie had one but it seems they took it off their site), but the Breton top is pretty breathtaking too!

Gotta go-- my new TV addiction, Cranford, is calling...

PS. How cute is this orange slice necklace?!


  1. Love the Breton stripe top!