105 Fall's Riches

fall into me.

fall into me. by adaydreamer featuring a mesh purse
at loose ends

at loose ends by adaydreamer featuring wood heel shoes
Sharp Edges

Sharp Edges by adaydreamer featuring black heel boots

I bought this Uniqlo blouse today! It's a really rich grape colour in real life. I was actually on the hunt for a white shirt for Graduation Day (in two weeks- can you believe it?!) and I did end up buying one too, but I spotted this one on the racks and couldn't pass it up. It's made of a very soft, cooling rayon with 3/4 sleeves and the smallest, almost Peterpan-like collar. Never mind that they only had one piece left, in a size too big-- I'm going to tuck it in or tie it at the waist :D Excited! I always treat local blogshops which speak of "transitioning into fall" (or worse, winter) with contempt, but perhaps this is my way of buying into the 'trend' of fall colours. When in Rome...

Had a fulfilling Saturday. Finally got my butt off to do some Math in the morning (albeit one and a half questions because I got up at noon), then went for tea with family friends and finally, an hour of cycling at East Coast Park with Mum and Dad! Then dinner at the coffee shop. All wholesome, good things-- plus, we ran into my cousins at East Coast just as we were leaving! Great minds think alike :)

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