112 The Good Fight

Maroon 5's Sunday Morning just came on Jango, and I'm having a pretty blessed Sunday.
So I turned legal almost three weeks ago...
...and graduated a week ago.
"The rising sun too bright in her losing eyes" - TFIOS
Mum pointed out that the sunlight in the golden curtains looked like a cross. Indeed.

An important reminder from today's second reading, drawn on the blackboard I got for my birthday.
 (I quite like the arrangement of the quote, don't you?)
As I type, rain patters outside the window... I'm quite happily closeted within for today.
Sorry for the odd brightness of the last photo-- I wanted to show the orange curtains. My usual curtains are blue, but they've been sent to the drycleaner's; so for this week I'm stuck with the dining room's curtains, haha!

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