111 The New Power Colour

I've been in love with the colour wine red (in the linked post, I talk about getting a wine red asymmetrical skirt for New Year's almost a full year ago) for ages-- while the asymmetrical trend has certainly died out, the colour seems here to stay, particularly since the fashion capitals of the world are currently experiencing fall. Speaking of old loves, welcome Tom Felton and Jade Gordon to my blog! I believe this is my first time featuring them, but my love of Dramione has long kept them in my books (if, at first, as a grudging shipper). As for new loves... well, that We Are Rubbish top launching on Monday has certainly made the list, if only because it's a copy of the Burberry heart-stealer.

If you want some more graphic inspiration, watch Gwen Stefani's music video for Cool. Besides the beautiful lyrics, the video is chock-full of Italian retro loveliness: it reminds me of Dolce and Gabbana's ads, which always make me feel so invigorated and heady! One of these days I will definitely screenshot every single outfit from the video and post a long post about how much I love each one. Yes.

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